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The role of good RDM in accelerating scientific progress

donderdag 16 mei 2024
De voertaal van deze workshop is Engels.
SURF, Moreelse Park 48
3511 EP Utrecht
room 3.5

In this workshop we will introduce methods and tools to implement the FAIR data principles for good data management and discuss how they accelerate scientific progress. We will introduce different FAIRification frameworks and some examples of where they are currently used (funders, projects). As an example, we will guide you through a FAIR Implementation Profile (FIP) and show you what are being taught in a Metadata 4 Machine workshop (M4M).

At the end of the session, you will know more about how to practically implement FAIR data in a project.

This workshop is aimed at researchers and support staff; we expect an intermediate level of knowledge regarding research data.

Trainers: Kristina Hettne, Digital Scholarship Librarian, Leiden University Library and Alessa Gambardella Data Steward Science, Leiden University.

This workshop is part of the DCC Spring Training Days, a yearly event organized by the National Coordination Point Research Data Management (LCRDM).

You can find more information on the workshops in the program; you may register via this online form.

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