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Writing your Datamanagement Plan

donderdag 28 maart 2024
De voortaal van dit tutorial is Engels. Inschrijven kan via een emailbericht naar informatiebalie@library.leidenuniv.nl
Witte Singel 27
2311 BG Leiden

PhD Sessions at Leiden University Libraries

Leiden University and most research funders require a data management plan (DMP) before the start of a new research project. The aim of this session is to help you write your DMP. It is particularly tailored to PhD’s from the Humanities, and will be taught by staff from the library together with staff from the Faculty. We will provide you with guidance and support to help you answer the questions that are commonly addressed in a data management plan: what kind of data will you be collecting, where will you store your data, with whom and how will you share your data, how will others be able to understand the data, and how will you preserve your data for the long term.

The PhD sessions at Leiden University Libraries aim to introduce PhD students to librarians, library resources and library services. Every session focuses on an aspect of the PhD trajectory, and what services, specialists and collections Leiden University Libraries has to support you.

Data Management Information

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