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Network meeting

Data Management Network Meeting: Delivering data management training

vrijdag 30 oktober 2020


How is data management training delivered across the university? What can we share and learn from each other? And how can we make the most of what’s available?


Following up on the breakout group discussions at the June Data Management Network convening event, Network members are invited
to an online meeting to learn about some of the different ways data management training is delivered to research staff, and delve into the contents of the courses to see what has worked, and what hasn’t. Participants will be encouraged to share their thoughts about how data management training at Leiden can be developed in the future.

Leiden University Data Management Network

Many people across Leiden University have an interest in, or a responsibility for, good research data management (RDM) within their group, institute, or faculty.

If you are one of these people, you are invited to join the Leiden University Data Management Network.


10:00 - Welcome and introductions. 

10:20 - Delivering data management training via E-learning – results from the first delivery. Martiene Moester, Specialist Medical Research Data Management, LUMC.  

10:40 - Questions and discussion.  

10:55 - Overview of data management training at Leiden. Michelle van den Berk, Digital Scholarship Librarian, Centre for Digital Scholarship.  

11:15 - Scientific Conduct Course. HRM Learning & Development (contacts: Jasmijn Mioch & Anita Romijn).  

11:35 - Discussion: topics, challenges and priorities.  

11:55 - Closing words.  

12:00 - Session ends.

The meeting will take place in a virtual room. If you wish to participate and are not already a member of the Data Management Network, please contact datamanagement@library.leidenuniv.nl for details.

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